Product Description

Studiofoam® Wave™
2’x2’ and features a dynamic wave pattern that rises from 1” to 3” thickness. Studiofoam® Wave™ can help control unwanted mid- or high-frequency reflections and standing waves in a variety of professional and residential applications.

Studiofoam® Wave™ panels help reduce excessive reverberation and flutter echo in small- to medium-sized spaces and offer a unique upscale appearance that looks and performs great. The unique undulating pattern of the Studiofoam® Wave™ provides smoothly varying absorption across the frequency spectrum, thus also spreading sound in the time domain. It imparts a pleasing, natural sound that complements many environments.
Technical Details

•Unique new Wave profile offers numerous design possibilities
•Overall NRC of 0.80, so it performs very well
•Controls harsh high frequency reflections and flutter echoes. Lends a controlled sense of openness to your space.
•Appropriate for use in project studios, vocal booths, live rooms, listening rooms and home theaters.
•Add world-renowned LENRD Bass Traps for a complete broadband solution
Size: 2′ wide x 2′ long; dynamic 1″ to 3″ thickness

Guides & Specifications
•Adhesive Guide

Product Categories

Acoustic Treatment

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