Audioholics 2022 Award : Perlisten R212 Subwoofer


One aspect that makes its performance so extraordinary is its size. While it’s not a tiny sub, it is not huge either, but it has the performance that one would expect from a much larger unit. This is a point on which I expect it to make a lot of sales; it produces a big sound from a small footprint. There are a lot of people for whom space is at a premium, and so they need to make the best possible use of it. The R212s makes a lot of sense for those looking for a high-end sound system in a luxury apartment or bedroom. It would also be a great choice for high-end recording and mixing studios on account of its ruthlessly accurate reproduction under any condition as well as its indestructibility.

Its feature set also makes it one of the most advanced subwoofers that money can buy. It can be controlled via an app or a color LCD screen. It has an enormous level of flexibility and tweakability and that includes an overkill 10-band parametric equalizer as well as independent control over the configuration of each input, not to mention an extraordinary level of fine-tuning over many other parameters of operation. Furthermore, it is dense with failsafes that keep it out of harm from any input signal as well as a wide range of conditions of input AC power.

As I said before, it is not a cheap subwoofer, but you do get your money’s worth. Many other high-end loudspeaker manufacturers make similarly priced subs, and their subs look the part, but they don’t compete in actual performance or technology. The R212s does everything very well. It’s perfect for a high-end home theater, two-channel system, recording studio, and mixing studio. If you have a relaxed budget and are looking for a sub that isn’t the size of a refrigerator, it should be very high on your list of options. For those shopping within Perlisten’s family of subwoofers, those who are considering the mighty D215s ought to also consider a dual R212s system instead for a mere $1k extra; you will get about the same level of output but will also benefit from the response improvements that can be had with a multi-sub system. Not that most people will need more than one; the single R212s I spent time with put a smile on my face over and over, and I am sure that it will do the same for any prospective buyers.

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