New Arrival : VPI Classic Signature

The VPI Classic Signature is the newest in the Classic line of turntables, which have long been VPI’s best-selling tables and for good reason. Never before has VPI offered such a masterpiece in this price range.

The newest Classic features a solid, non-resonating laminated one-piece MDF chassis available in three beautiful finishes: Black Ash, Piano Black, and Walnut. The chassis is bonded to a 3/4″ thick sandwich of aluminum and steel attached to the top, making the chassis a complete 30 pounds on its own. The built-in 300 RPM precision, low noise AC synchronous motor drives the belt pulley with high accuracy to +/- .0005.” The platter is 20 lbs. of machined aluminum and stainless steel with a precision inverted bearing.

The Classic Signature comes complete with the JWM-10-3D-Gimbal Standard Wire.

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