Horn loudspeakers / Made in Germany

Horn loudspeakers are the oldest and most natural physical principle for rendering sound. Their functionality until today has undeniable advantages over other loudspeaker technologies. In this section we invite you to follow us through history and present time, theory and application of this fascinating technology!

All Avantgarde Acoustic spherical hornsystems are designed with a mass-spring voice coil system which is optimized for high forces at low amplitudes. I.e. even at low and very low volumes every microscopic oscillation of the membrane is translated into clean sound. Just imagine you are doing a meditation or yoga and in the background you have some mantra music playing softly. With the horns you will not hear a sound mush which ripples from far away. You will hear every single tone with a crystalline clarity and power that is capable to penetrate every cell of your body. Amazing.

Avantgarde Acoustic Series

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