Since 1999 / Handcrafted in Switzerland / Real wood cabinet / Compact box, big sound

Unique design with exeptional performance.
Since Boenicke debut, Sven Boenicke vision is always to create exceptional products with unique from regular market offerings.
With his two decades of exerience in recording and studios, Sven is determined to create loudspeakers that could project real-live lively sound.

To tackle the traditional limitation of loudspeakers design, special technique and materials are used, such as:

  • using CNC real wood speaker cabinet instead of MDF cabinet to prevent inherent cabinet interaction with speaker drivers
  • Crossover-less design (W5 model) to prevent cut-off frequence loss
  • Passive acoustic tuning to further eliminate resonance from driver to cabinet
  • silk wrap litz internal wire to minimize cable vibration.had made Boenicke special to any speakers.

Spacious yet lively sound, produced from a pair of slim shaped speakers.

Swiss happiness in a box that brings a smile to local Malaysia owners !

Boenicke Series

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