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It’s not “isolation” – its “vibration mitigation”.

The reason is, in simple summary:
Any equipments itself have generate its own vibration due to internal transformer and current transfer,
Any equipment chasis will get hit by energy waves (or sound waves) that is generated by loudspeakers when playback.
By isolation decoupling approach alone, you are solving 50% of the problem – equipments only isolated from vibration from floor/ placement surface.
The effectiveness of pure isolation approach reduce drastically when your speakers start to play – because theres no buffer layer to absorb the kinetic energy !

Critical Mass System are designed as vibration mitigation devices, where both vibration kinetic energy sources – floor vibration and surface vibration of equipment are transferred and dissapated into the damping systems in CMS filter shelves, completely neutralized the vibration effects.

Materials are aero-space grade, and are selected based on its scientific physical properties – elastic modulus and thin rod speed of sound.

The true audiophile solution based on scientific development.


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