Breakthrough Innovation / Exclusive / Made in Japan / Optical Cartridge / Phono Equalizer

A dream since 1970 had come true – and revolutionize modern analogue playback technology. Optical Cartridge was initially introduce by Japan electronic maker, Toshiba in 1970s.

However due to the technology limitation, the optical cartridge design was deemed not reliable for mass production. DS Coorporation (mother company of DS Audio) is a specialized optical sensor manufacturer for more than 25 years.

Under the leadership of a young audiophile CEO, Mr Tetsuaki Aoyagi determined to put a new chapter in modern phono cartridge design – with inspiration of the innovative concept of optical cartridge.

With the latest LED technology and light sensor, DS Audio optical cartridge operates under the principle of photo-electric conversion with advantage thats un-rivaled by typical MM and MC cartridge.

The advantages are:

  • higher generated signal voltage
  • No magnatic resistance (Optical cartridge has no magnet and coil mehcanism)
  • Lighter moving mass (no attached coil or magnet, only light shading plate)
  • No hum (no magnetic field inteference)
  • Linear output equalization curve

Truely breakthrough innovation for analogue playback technology – 100% made in Japan, 100% pure analog.