Award Winning Design / Made in Korea / Lifestyle Audiophile / Bespoke Control App / Hi-Resolution Audio

Hi-Fidelity does not need to be complex. In fact, the original concept of Hi-Fidelity is home improvement sound product. With the emerging minimalistic, conveneint lifestyle – HiFi Rose is the perfect blend of lifestyle audio with Hi-Resolution audio performance.

Integrate audiophile grade hardware into a simplisitic yet classy chasis is just half of the HiFi Rose’s impressive capability. The true killer feature lies in front of the panel – a full size touch screen interface, paired with a full custom, bespoke Rose Connect control application.

Imagine this – control your hi-fi system with touch screen when close to it, control your playlist with your phones when sitting on listen position.

A true hi-fi, hi-resolution audio experience thats truely integrated to your lifestyle.