Ultra High-End Audio / Dutch Masterpiece / Since 1982 / Made in Netherlands / Exclusive Technology

You have reached the end of your pursuit for audio perfection – If you have ever owned or using a Kharma loudspeakers.

SInce the brand debut in 1982, Kharma is hailed as one of the elite in ultra high end audio.

Absolute perfection is the only way to describe Kharma loudspeakers – on aesthetic and performance.

From the all-time best selling Elegance series (previously called Ceramique series), the signature Exquisite Classique model, to the 2.2 meter tall flagship Enigma Veyron 4D – all are truely made-to-order, in Netherlands.

Producing not only speakers, Kharma also produce cable and electronics – with world renowned high-end status.

Veyron Series

Exquisite series

Elegance Series