Signature Traits: Exclusive / World Class / Music Management System / Streaming/Made in USA

The ultimate music platform that integrated all your music content and personalized music recommendation based on your listen behavior !

A Roon system consist of:
Roon Remote – any of the available Android/iOS mobile phone or Windows/MAC PC as control interface.

Roon Core – The “brain” or main server of your own dedicated Roon system. It can be your current PC/MAC, a Intel NUC, Roon’s official Nucleus Core or Roon certified “Roon Core” device.

Roon Endpoint – Playback DACs, either in wired connection (USB) or internet (LAN) for “Roon Ready DAC”. Roon is a multizone ready.

Manage your roon ready device all in one app. Apart from internal files, Roon integrates TIDAL and Qubuz Hi-Res streaming service. If you are a audiophile with perference to tweak your system, Roon’s integrated Digital Sound Processing (DSP) is regarded as one of the best available for consumer. Roon Ready DACs in internet are receiving audio files via Roon’s proprietary “RAAT” protocol to eliminate possible network interference and lower latency.

Music Servers