Center Stage2M Footer

Center Stage2M is direct trickle-down technology garnered from advancements made in the development of the Center Stage2 LS series of loudspeaker feet. The LS series of Center Stage2 products reduce stored loudspeaker cabinet resonances and entropy to a vanishing level resulting in enhanced clarity and musicality across the audible spectrum.

Rather than approaching the problem of reducing vibration using new untested methodologies, we decided to “use the advancements we knew worked well with loudspeakers”. We used tested design fundamentals resting within the discipline of material science to determine the correct sequencing of the Center Stage2M materials. We established the proper proportions of the materials. And, we added damping in the very last stage in an amount that would eliminate the internal noise of the product and the component without rolling off the top end of the acoustic envelope.

Center Stage2M helps components reach their engineered potential in 3 ways. First, they mitigate vibration coming up from the surface below them. Second, they cancel out their own noise. This very difficult accomplishment ensures truth to source material and truth to component engineering design. Third, they transfer entropy out of the component. This feature requires time and is the reason for the extended settling process.

It might be more appropriate to view Center Stage2M as the counterbalance to a destructive energy cycle within your components. Center Stage2M will greatly reduce unwanted damaging energy and permanently hold a more peaceful state of equilibrium. The pleasant surprise is the wonderful sonic envelope that results.