Reduction does not always mean just leaving out. Reduction often means creating awareness for the essentials. Or simply: concentration. The DUO SD with single drive bass unit is the concentrate of what makes a speaker the perfect entry into the ‘classic sound’ of the DUO series.

Driven by its impressive 670 mm spherical wave horn with a frequency response up to 170 Hz, the DUO is the epitome of performance and dynamic elegance. Because in the captivating world of spherical wave horns, size is the defining criterion. The larger the dimensions of the horn, the deeper its lower bandwidth and the more the listener enters the maelstrom of superior performance.

The Evolution XM2 midrange driver – a 170 mm chassis with a powerful Alnico magnet – is designed for a large linear diaphragm excursion. Its new “soft mesh compound” diaphragm uses a sturdy mesh carcass as the basis of its construction. The microscopic openings of the mesh are sealed with a damping elastomer coating. The combination of the rigid mesh structure with flexible lining develops a broadband absorption effect that effectively dampens partial vibrations of the diaphragm and thus unwanted harmonics.

The DUO SD uses the same XT3 tweeter that is used in our flagship TRIO G3. The XT3’s lighter, annular diaphragm extends the frequency range up to 28,000 Hz at a sensitivity of 107 dB, providing greater clarity, focus, and a fuller, more natural sound.

In the subwoofer, we use the new high-performance XB12 driver in a bass-reflex configuration. We have increased the voice coil from 100 mm of the previous model to 153 mm. This gigantic motor structure with a diameter of 6 inches achieves superior values of power factor and power handling. At the same time, thermal compression is significantly reduced.

The G3-500 bass amplifier has 500 watts and is equipped with an advanced digital sound processor. The new user interface allows easy adjustment of the sound to individual preferences and seamless integration of the system in a wide variety of rooms.


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