Genus 845 Integrated Amplifier

The Genus integrated is 25W in Class A1 yet only has two gain stages. It takes key design ideas from our Concero 25 monoblock circuit. It is effectively a small stereo SET amplifier driving a bigger stereo SET in one chassis.

The input / driver stage is a small 0.7W SE amplifier built around the Siemens E280F super triode and is loaded with a double c-core bifilar wound interstage transformer. This single tube stage offers maximum linearity and bandwidth for maximum transparency. No coupling capacitors are present anywhere in the circuit.

General Specifications:

  • Output level at 0db: 10V (RCA or XLR)
  • Sample Rate: Max 384Khz/32bit (USB)
  • Digital Input: USB, S/pdif, AES, BNC
  • Output impedance: 100 ohm
  • Weight: 40kg