Ianus Essentia Power Amplifier

The Ianus Essentia amplifier is not only Single Ended, it is also a Single Stage! Incredibly there is no driver stage and no input stage! This extremely simple topology we feel is a breakthrough in amplifier design, and is an elusive design goal for many, including our lab. It is only possible to execute now as we are finally able to use an active element that has the needed specifications for the purpose: Extremely high linearity, high voltage gain, high current gain and very high input impedance.

The Essentia, as its name suggests, consists of only one TriodeFet stage, fed directly and used as a simple Single Ended amplifier and uses the “Essence” of the Geminea technology.


General Specifications:

  • Power Output (Class A operation): 40W @ 8ohm 70W @ 4ohm (Stable operation down to 1 ohm)
  • Gain Stage: Single Stage. Single Ended.
  • Gain: 26db (26-22-18-14-10-6)db (gain switch using TVC system)
  • Signal to Noise Ratio: 100db with reference 0db
  • Full power bandwidth: 5Hz – 60Khz (upper range limited with oscillation prevention limiters)
  • Damping Factor: User Switchable
  • Idle power consumption per channel: 100W depending on the bias setting
  • Inputs: RCA X1, TVC X 1 , AC link X1, XLR (optional)
  • Maximum dimensions (excluding plinth): 420mm H x 400mm W x 310mm D
  • Weight unpacked: 80kg per monoblock