Impera II Reference Pre-Amp

The Impera II preamplifier is a showcase of the unique Inverted Triode Technology, a vacuum tube technology innovation developed and utilized in the Impera II series of audio designs.

The Inverted Triode is a unique active element, widely different to any kind of vacuum tube used in audio and tube electronics in general. Three electrodes, a cathode, grid and plate are combined to give an amplification device completely different in operation than the classic vacuum tube.

General Specifications:

  • Maximum gain: x7
  • Output stage bandwidth: 2Hz – 500KHz
  • Attenuation method: Multi-tap input transformer
  • Power supply: Double choke filtered quad power supplies
  • Inputs: 5 unbalanced (balanced as an option), HT pass-through
  • Output: 15V RMS max unbalanced (balanced as an option)
  • Weight unpacked: 110kg total