Reference Series

Reference series is the flagship line from Accustic Arts with innovative and well-thought design.

The reference series represents Accustic Arts best effort for incorporate percision enginnering and technology into musical expression.

From rare top-loading CD transport/Player design to hybrid designed pre-amplifier and phono amplifier, Accustic Arts had execute unique enginnering solution for music reproduction equipments.

Available models:

  • Player II – Top Loading CD Player and DAC
  • Drive II – Top Loading CD Transport
  • Tube Preamp II – Hybrid valve pre-amplifier
  • Tube Phono II – Hybrid valve phono amplifier
  • AMP II – Stereo Power Amplifier
  • AMP III – Flagship Stereo Power Amplifier
  • Mono II – Mono Power Amplifier
  • Mono III – Flagship Mono Power Amplifier

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Accustic Arts

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CD Player & Transports, Integrated Amplifier, Pre-amplifier & Power Amplifier

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