Welcome to the most exhilarating, uncompromising, natural and by far the most extraordinary speaker system in the world, the Trio.

The unique Trio.
Unique because its indescribable sound transports the listener without detours to a place where everything mundane is forgotten. World off. Music on.

The Trio is a 3-way ultra high performance horn system. With 109 dB efficiency, it is the absolutely most powerful and therefore distortion-free loudspeaker from Avantgarde.

In the G3 version of the TRIO we have taken the bionic horn principle to the extreme. High-powered horn performance through unrestrained efficiency with a huge frequency range.

Combined with the SpaceHorn – the state-of-the-art development of our legendary BassHorn – for a unique and overwhelming sound experience. Expandable with the iTRON fully active modules of our patented Game Changer technology, with which we directly control the acceleration of the diaphragms through a perfectly orchestrated current flow.

All the electronics are housed in easily replaceable technology modules. So that you can easily expand or upgrade your system even after years.


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