Actually we’re scientists….

Ever since 1978 our driving force has been curiosity. Our aim was to define the framework of the possible, and push its limits a little further each day, and that’s what formed the stone of this company. We always aspired to the creation of new findings rather than the exploitation of existing knowledge. We were determined to carve out our own advances, and not simply follow the progress of technology.

Satisfying this goal requires our team of fifteen designers and developers to create every device in our headquarters in Herford. From the initial design, developing every single circuit board and finishing with the software code - the stage which brings all the component parts together to form a grand ensemble - our devices are built in Herford. They are permeated by the belief on which this company was founded, and which drives all of us forward every day.

We don't build mass products, we build accoustic treasures, we build heartbeats, goosebumps and enthusiasm.