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High-End Audio / Cables / Two Times Queens Award Winner / Combat Phase Distortion / Patent Pending Technology / Made in U.K.

Tellurium Q focus is on the idea of phase distortion and minimizing this problem inherent in all cabling.

The reason is simple: All materials in the path of a signal will act as an electronic filter. It is obvious from research that there is an impact of the “naturalness” of vocals for instance.

Once you accept the fact that your audio system is acting as multiple electronic filters smudging your music, then you can try to engineer as clear a path for the signal as possible to get the most natural sound that current technology will allow.

Unfortunately, it is not as easy as just looking at a chart of materials and simply picking the one with the best conductivity. If that were the case then you would put some silver wire in place and the job would be done.

The cable construction becomes more complex, and Tellurium Q have to pay attention to every part of each of the design process:

– Multi stranded conductors of slightly differing materials 

– Various dielectric materials and geometries. 

– Non HiFi industry standard solder mixes i.e. there is no silver in the mix

– Connector plating thicknesses

to produce the cable that’s truly coherent in music nature.

Although cables should not affect the sound in an ideal world, there are factors that have to be considered because audio systems are never perfect and customers have listening preferences too. So Tellurium Q have engineered four distinct families of sound to take account of three distinct demands for our customers. Which is why we have the Silver and Blue ranges as well as the Black.

Statement family: Flagship cable series that surpass the transparency of silver family, closer to the perceived utter transparent, least coloration to your audiophile system.

Silver family: Can be described as silver but without the fatigue and harshness that can go along with that material.

Black family: Natural and transparent range that allows an incredibly life like reproduction for use in a well balance system to simply unlock what the system can do.

Blue family: Slight warmth that just takes the harsh top edge out of a system that is a little brittle or bright.

Tellurium Q series

Blue Family

Black Family

Silver Family

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