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VAC was founded in 1990 by Kevin Hayes and his father, Channing W. Hayes in Sarasota, Florida.
With their specialty on valve amplifier design, VAC makes their first major leap – awarded as the OEM manufacturer to produce some of the classics valve amps: Marantz Model 7 / 7C, Model 8B, Model 9.
After the foundation on OEM on Marantz valve amplifier, VAC returned to design and produce quality valve amplifier.

What makes VAC stands tall against every valve amplifier available in market?
First Reason – Technology
Tubes simply bring the music back alive.
After almost 100 years since its invention, the triode vacuum tube remains the most linear (accurate) amplifying element known producing superior sonic performance.
This is why the world’s foremost guitarists use tube amplifiers, and why vacuum tube microphones and processors are highly prized by the world’s best recording studios.

On June 10, 2014, Kevin Hayes was issued U.S. Patent 8749310 for “amplifier bias control”.
This patent covers the only known technique for observing the true underlying quiescent current (idle current) of an output tube (or transistor) under dynamic signal conditions, and then holding it to the stable target value with a precision of 99% or better.
It is the only ‘auto bias’ system in which the volume and character of the music being played does not alter the idle point of the tube.
It is incorporated in VAC power amplifiers as the iQ Intelligent Continuous Automatic Bias System.
In addition, the iQ system defends against short circuit tubes, prevents gas current run away tubes, indicates weakening tubes, and minimizes noise and distortion.

Second Reason – Hand wiring and parts selection based on requirements.
Parts are selected based on their purpose and specification.
The potential benefit of hand wiring is that the designer gains infinitely more freedom in “voicing” through the ability to select the brand, conductor material(s), insulation, size, and geometry of wires used to build the amplifier.
This has been exploited in many previous VAC designs.

Third reason: Relentless search for musical accuracy.
Once the basic electrical design is completed, countless hours are spent in the process we call “voicing.”.
During this time, small changes in the physical arrangement of the parts are tested, different types of capacitors and wires are auditioned, and even various chassis materials tried.
The human ear and brain do not work in the manner of our test instruments, and the ear values different aspects of performance than can be measured readily.
The passion for this work and attention to detail is required to bring a design to its peak of performance.
Great care is evident in every note sounded by a VAC. Listen and let the sound be your guide!

One listen and you will appreciate that VAC is the world leader in audio entertainment, an appreciation that can only grow over a lifetime of listening !

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