Hi-end Audio / 40 years / Made in U.S.A / Turntables

VPI Industries Inc. is a family owned high-end audio manufacturer that was started by Sheila and Harry Weisfeld, the founders of VPI.

VPI Industries aims to make reasonable price high-end turntables and turntable accessories for the consumer.

Since the debut (40 years ago!), VPI had managed to become one of the household brand among analogue audiophile for one of the most customizable, high-end performance yet reasonable priced turntables.

In fact, VPI produces OEM turntable for major audio brands – further establish VPI’s manufacture standards and quality in audiophile’s market.

High end performance are achieved with quality parts and enginnering – all VPI turntables are in-house design, U.S.A sourced parts, and assemble in VPI office !

VPI Series

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