Hi-end Audio / Technological Breakthrough / World Exclusive / ASIC processor / Digital System / Made in E.U.

A true exclusivity to made technological breakthrough possible.

WADAX Digital Playback System (D/A converter, SACD transport, Streaming Server) is regarded as one of the market leader.

The heart of WADAX is the processing technique – feed forward correction, made possible only with the exclusive musIC2 ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) processor.
A typical DAC, where put heavy emphasis on the pre-conversion digital signal accuracy but had bottlenecked by non-linear analog signals output – a technology bottleneck to be solved.
This technology bottleneck is solved by WADAX with a unique feed forward correction technique – the non-linear noise is pre-emptively reversal corrected by the signal map predicted with musIC 2 ASIC processor.
None available FPGA in the market could handle the massive processing load – hence the WADAX in-house design musIC2 ASIC with 128bit internal processing capability, 6.4GB/s, is borned.

Every other parts were designed in-house, with market leading technologies:

  • world’s first 12 femto second Zepto clock
  • Full custom, active AC line monitoring PSU
  • Advanced Finite Element Analysis (FEA) designed chasis
  • full custom, 400 parts analog output circuitory

WADAX Series

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